NEW FitnessGram Reports!

The Cooper Institute is excited to release new and improved FitnessGram reports to improve your use of FitnessGram data.

We have officially reintroduced our FitnessGram report package! Check out our new lineup of reports:

The FitnessGram Reports are available to be utilized as a resource to:

  • Educate communities on the importance of health-related fitness.
  • Inform curricular decisions.
  • Influence policy and direct resources.
  • Track fitness levels longitudinally at the individual, class, school, district or state level.

The reports have been refreshed with a more modern and comprehensive design. Users will especially notice this with the updated FitnessGram Student Report which now includes instructional assessment images and information on each health-related fitness component. The goal has been to make the reports easier to interpret and further the “why” behind FitnessGram.

In addition to the design, the reporting interface has been redesigned to present new filters, an easier email process, and the Report Activity tab. More information about these enhancements can be found on our Reports page. Be sure to sign up for our FitnessGram newsletter to receive additional information. 

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