Survey Response – FitnessGram FAQs

Thank you to all that completed our Spring 2019 FitnessGram Customer Satisfaction Survey! Based on your feedback, below please find key software enhancements, resources, and reminders that may improve your experience throughout the school year.

FitnessGram Tips


  • FitnessGram accepts traditional CSV imports as well as files in the OneRoster version 1.1 format. Files can be scheduled to be automatically processed.
  • Add or remove a user’s assignments with the Manage User’s Assignments tab.
  • Import settings may impact user credentials. Under Update usernames and passwords, select “No” to allow teachers to reset their passwords and decrease login issues.
  • District Admins should review Import instructions and import regularly throughout the year so teachers have updated rosters

Data Entry


  • Report filters have been improved to offer customization of selected report.
  • The Student Report shows up to three years of data and the Student History Report all of a student’s fitness assessment history in their district, regardless of previous class, teacher, or school.
  • Student Report automatically selects one test item per component based on the reporting logic.
  • Aggregate reports, such as the Overview Report or Completion report, are available at the class, school, district, or state level.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the FitnessGram Help Desk any time you need assistance with the software.

We thank you again for your continued support!

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