Exemption Codes

If you want to exempt a student for being absent or for any other reason, start by going to your most recent Test Event under Menu, FitnessGram. Once you are in the test event, click the “No” symbol next to the students name. A box will appear for you to select which test items to set exemptions for. Hold control down to select multiple test items, then select the exemption code. Now you will see the exemption symbol in the data entry screen for the selected test items. Click on the entered “No” symbol to view or remove the exemption code. Once removed, you can enter a score immediately.

To set an exemption:

  1. Select “No” symbol next to student name
  2. Select test items and exemption code
  3. Click Save.

To view or remove an exemption code:

  1. Click on the set “No” symbol
  2. To remove, click remove.
  3. Enter score.

Exemption Tips:

  1. Exemption Codes are a note for you and will not be seen on reports.
  2. Exemptions are set in place of a score and count as a “complete” score entered.
  3. Exemptions can be easily removed and replaced with a score if a test is completed.

Watch a video tutorial to learn how to set an exemption within the FitnessGram data entry screen.

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