New Self-Assessment Feature

The Cooper Institute appreciates your commitment to keeping your students active and healthy throughout this time. As you navigate different learning environments, whether that is in-school, at-home, or a hybrid of both, we are here to support you. For schools that plan to complete the FitnessGram assessment this year, we strongly encourage you to do so in a safe environment. If you have not already, please read through our Recommendations that can be found in our SmartCoach Resources.

For many of you, a safe environment means having students complete a self-assessment. Now, we have the option to track this.

Upon creating a test event, you are now able to select “Self-Assessment” when determining Test Event Details.

Self-Assessment allows students to complete fitness assessment in a safe, home environment while presenting the opportunity for students to take ownership over their current fitness and health status during this unprecedented time. The self-assessment checkbox allows administrators to compare results from self-assessed to teacher-administered assessments.

For more information on how to have your students log in to the FitnessGram software or with any other general FitnessGram questions, please reach out to our Help Desk to ask.

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