Upcoming CSV File Changes!

This year, we focused on updating our platform to ensure our import files allowed for accurate student rostering. Below please find the changes that will update for CSV Files December 22, 2022:

Sex Assigned At Birth

“Gender” has now been replaced with student “Sex Assigned At Birth”. This field will still recognize the original term when importing, so no edits are required.  M, F, and N are the three characters accepted.


We have improved the data collection piece for Race and Ethnicity. If you currently use the “StudentEthnicityCode” column, you will need to update both your CSV Import file and it’s corresponding Mapping. As of December 22, “StudentEthnicityCode” will be broken down into the following columns: 







“1” Indicates the field is selected, “0” or a Blank entry means the field is not selected.

Your selections will show under the student’s “Basic User Information” under Manage Users.

This will only impact districts that choose to upload this information as these are not required fields.

Please reach out to the FitnessGram Help Desk with any questions.

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