Enter ActivityGram® Data

Note:  Students are encouraged to enter ActivityGram® scores by logging in with their credentials.

Click Menu and select ActivityGram®.


This brings you to a list where you will see any ActivityGram® events that have previously been created:enter-activitygram-data2

To enter data, click on the name of your ActivityGram® event, then click Go To and select View Student Roster.


This will bring you to a screen listing all the students participating in the event and whether or not their 3 days of activities have been filled in (complete or incomplete):


You can narrow down the list to just a particular class using the class filter button in the upper left corner of the list.


After making your class selection, view the list of students and select a student by clicking the name to go to a data entry screen.


Once you are in a data entry screen you should see a series of times listed, activity levels, and tabs on a form representing 3 days.


Click the pencil icon next to any time of day to bring up a data entry form for that student at that time of day.


Make choices regarding time of activity, type of activity, activity name, and level of activity. Then click Save. Or, if you have many activities and times to enter, click Save and Add to continue to the next time slot.

Review all pre-selected activity slots, and edit if necessary.

Any time slots not entered yet will have a red warning message that says “Please add activity to your day”


For those lines, you may click the plus sign next to them to bring up the data entry screen.


It is possible to fill in multiple time slots (30-minute blocks) at one time if an activity lasts several hours, for example. In this case, select the first time slot of the activity, adjust the end time, make all the appropriate selections in the data entry box, then click Save.


Continue by selecting each school day tab at the top of the form and making sure all time slots are filled in from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm for each day.


To continue data entry for the next student, find the student’s name on a drop down list in the upper left corner, click the list, and select another student.


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