Review ActivityGram® Results

Click Menu and select ActivityGram®.


This brings you to a list where you will see any ActivityGram® events that have previously been created:enter-activitygram-data2

To enter data, click on the name of your ActivityGram® event, then click Go To and select View Student Roster.


This will bring you to a screen listing all the students participating in the event and whether or not their 3 days of activities have been filled in (complete or incomplete):


You can narrow down the list to just a particular class using the class filter button in the upper left corner of the list.


After making your class selection, view the list of students and select a student by clicking the name to go to a data entry screen.


Once you are in a data entry screen you should see a series of times listed, activity levels, and tabs on a form representing 3 days.


Students can run their own reports to view their activity levels of their three-day recall. 

Click Menu, then select Reports.


Click on the Activity Reports tab.


For student level report select ActivityGram Student Report.  AGReportStudent

For class level report select ActivityGram Statistics Report by Class.


Then select View Report.

Note: Reports will only generate if a student has complete data entered.

Teachers can run reports at the individual or class level.