End of Term Process

Classes and Test Events are auto-archived annually at the end of each school year based on the School Year Start Date. Past data can be viewed in Reports. District Admins complete the import process to add new students and classes to the system at the beginning of each school year.

The End of Term Process is optional for District Admins to promote all students at the end of each school year. This process is most helpful for districts managing classes manually, as the import promotes students at the beginning of each school year. Note: Although importing students will override the promotion step, promoting students ensures students who are no longer active will advance to the next grade level for reporting purposes.

Go to Settings and select End of Term Process.


Select Promote Students.


Select school(s) to promote.


Click Promote Students.


Click Yes.



To undo promotion, select Undo Promotion as the end-of-term operation and follow the steps above.


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