Merge Users

District Admins can merge users to resolve duplication. Note: Merging is permanent and cannot be undone.

To merge accounts, click Settings and select Manage Users.

manage users

A user is duplicated when they are added to the system with two different IDs.

To merge duplicate accounts for any user type:

  • Select the checkbox next to one or more accounts
  • Click Go To…
  • Select Merge Users

click merge users

The Merge Users screen appears. A search feature allows you to find additional accounts.

merge with DA and search

Confirm the fields to retain, such as username and local identifier, then select Preview Merge.

retain fields


In the preview screen, confirm what the final merged user will look like. Note: The final password selected will be the password associated with the selected username. Once confirmed, this cannot be undone.

confirm mergeThe duplicate accounts will now be merged.

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