FitnessGram® Enhancements

The Cooper Institute® continuously enhances the FitnessGram® software to improve your experience.  More noticeable changes that impact how the software is used will occur over the summer and winter breaks to avoid mid-semester changes.

The following enhancements are provided for your reference and sorted by most recent.

Summer 2018


Manage Users & Manage Classes

  • Option to manage user assignments from Manage Users by viewing and editing a user’s school and class assignments from their profile.
  • Search all schools for an individual user.
  • Users and classes can be exported from the Manage Users and Manage Classes screens.
  • Local IDs and usernames can be edited in a user’s profile.



Spring 2018


  • District Admins will now see their district’s license expiration date on the dashboard and receive an email two weeks before the expiration date.


Data Entry

Test Events

Manage Users

  • New filters have been added to the Manage Users page. Now you can search by First or Last Name, User ID, and Birth Date.
  • Admins can add and manage user roles/permissions within an already created role (for example: add a Teacher role to a School or District Admin).

Performance Upgrade

  • FitnessGram® has undergone a series of performance enhancements to improve performance and system efficiencies.



  • A search bar has been added to SmartCoach.
  • FitnessGram® Spanish resources are available in SmartCoach.

Fall 2017

Screen Update

Manage Users

  • District Admins can Merge users to resolve duplication.

Data Entry

Help Materials

Summer 2017

Import Improvements

  • When creating a file, a specific column order is not required.
  • Mapping auto-selects fields based on header names in file.
  • Export a mapping to a CSV file.
  • New import preview feature allows you to review the exact cells where errors occur prior to importing.
  • Improved import error messages provide better guidance on how to fix errors in your file.
  • Option to export a list of errors from the import preview/validation screen.
  • Email notification is sent to the District Admin when an import is complete.

Help Materials

Spring 2017

FitnessGram® Test Events

  • Edit test event details and test items even after data has been entered and the end date has passed.
  • Add and remove students from test event rosters.

Manage Classes


Do you have an idea that will improve the FitnessGram® software?  Contact the Help Desk with your idea and we will consider it for future enhancements.

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