FitnessGram Enhancements

The Cooper Institute continuously enhances the FitnessGram software to improve your experience.  More noticeable changes that impact how the software is used will occur over the summer and winter breaks to avoid mid-semester changes.

The following enhancements are provided for your reference and sorted by most recent.

Spring 2020


  • New CSV Report Output option available for Overview Reports. Selecting CSV exports a CSV file of all data points found on the Overview Report.

Fall 2018


  • More modern and comprehensive design.
  • New report filters including Test Type, Test Item, Test Item Category, and Date Range.
  • New Report Output options. Can review all Scheduled and Emailed reports in the Report Activity tab. See Generate Student Reports for more information.
  • Can now enlarge image in Report Preview screen to review example image before generating the report.
  • New logic to present aggregate-level overviews of Healthy Fitness Zone Achievement.
  • New Completion Report replaced the FitnessGram % Tested Report and provides Teachers and Admins with the percentage of students who have data entered by component.

Student Report

  • Instructional assessment images and consistent messaging surrounding each health-related fitness component.
  • Search for one or multiple student report(s).
  • The print body composition on reports checkbox has been moved from within the Test Event to the Student Report page.
  • Email reports to parents and/or students directly from the report page.
  • Logic has been updated so reports will display the three most recent assessment results.
  • Date Range filter allows you to change the month and day to capture a specific test window.
  • Student Reports automatically generate in Spanish if the Print Reports in Spanish checkbox has been selected or if this field has been included in the Import file. See Step 2: Create a File to learn about File Fields. 

Summer 2018


Manage Users & Manage Classes

  • Option to manage user assignments from Manage Users by viewing and editing a user’s school and class assignments from their profile.
  • Search all schools for an individual user.
  • Users and classes can be exported from the Manage Users and Manage Classes screens.
  • Local IDs and usernames can be edited in a user’s profile.



Spring 2018


  • District Admins will now see their district’s license expiration date on the dashboard and receive an email two weeks before the expiration date.


Data Entry

Test Events

Manage Users

  • New filters have been added to the Manage Users page. Now you can search by First or Last Name, User ID, and Birth Date.
  • Admins can add and manage user roles/permissions within an already created role (for example: add a Teacher role to a School or District Admin).

Performance Upgrade

  • FitnessGram has undergone a series of performance enhancements to improve performance and system efficiencies.



  • A search bar has been added to SmartCoach.
  • FitnessGram Spanish resources are available in SmartCoach.

Fall 2017

Screen Update

Manage Users

  • District Admins can Merge users to resolve duplication.

Data Entry

Help Materials

Summer 2017

Import Improvements

  • When creating a file, a specific column order is not required.
  • Mapping auto-selects fields based on header names in file.
  • Export a mapping to a CSV file.
  • New import preview feature allows you to review the exact cells where errors occur prior to importing.
  • Improved import error messages provide better guidance on how to fix errors in your file.
  • Option to export a list of errors from the import preview/validation screen.
  • Email notification is sent to the District Admin when an import is complete.

Help Materials

Spring 2017

FitnessGram Test Events

  • Edit test event details and test items even after data has been entered and the end date has passed.
  • Add and remove students from test event rosters.

Manage Classes


Do you have an idea that will improve the FitnessGram software?  Contact the Help Desk with your idea and we will consider it for future enhancements.

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