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Georgia Department of Education Fitness Assessment Program

Georgia Import Guidance

Georgia FitnessGram Reports Webinar

Georgia FitnessGram 2019-2020 Webinar

Watch a recording of the FitnessGram back-to-school webinar for administrators.

Georgia Import Guidance

Watch a video tutorial and review information for Georgia District Admins and Student Information System (SIS) Vendors below.

Student Information System (SIS) Vendors

Georgia SIS vendors refer to Step 2: Create a File to create an import file containing all K-12 students enrolled in a physical education class.  Carefully review file requirements and required file fields.  District Admins should be able to download a FitnessGram import file for 2018-2019.  It is essential that all column headers match the required file fields.

Georgia District Admins

District SIS vendors create a FitnessGram import file for the District Admin to import into the FitnessGram Software.

Download the FitnessGram import file for the upcoming school year and complete Step 4: Import File.  (Skip Step 3: Create a Mapping.  A mapping has been created for Georgia.)

Note: Starting December 22, 2022, The FitnessGram CSV Import Ethnicity column will change. All GA Districts should not include Ethnicity or Race information within their file this time. Please reach out to your State Administrator with any questions. 

If an error message is received regarding matching to a saved import mapping, click the Excel icon to download the Georgia Import mapping.  Your SIS vendor will need to correct any errors in the FitnessGram import file, such as incorrect header names or missing required fields.

Have questions? Contact our FitnessGram Help Desk or 1-800-517-9135

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