Oklahoma FitnessGram® Information

Oklahoma Import Guidance

Watch a video tutorial and review information for Oklahoma District Admins and Student Information System (SIS) Vendors below.

Student Information System (SIS) Vendors

Oklahoma SIS vendors refer to Step 2: Create a File to create an import file containing all K-12 students enrolled in a physical education class.  Carefully review file requirements and required file fields.  District Admins should be able to download a FitnessGram® import file for 2017-2018.  It is essential that all column headers match the required file fields.

Oklahoma District Admins

District SIS vendors create a FitnessGram® import file for the District Admin to import into the FitnessGram® Software.

Download the FitnessGram® import file for the upcoming school year and complete Step 4: Import File.  (Skip Step 3: Create a Mapping.  A mapping has been created for Oklahoma.)

If an error message is received regarding matching to a saved import mapping, click the Excel icon to download the Oklahoma Import mapping.  Your SIS vendor will need to correct any errors in the FitnessGram® import file, such as incorrect header names or missing required fields.