Note: Information and updates about the required physical fitness assessment for the 2019-2021 school years will be posted to the Texas Education Agency physical fitness assessment web page and will also be sent out via the Texas Education Agency health and physical education listserv and a To the Administrator Addressed (TAA) letter as they become available.

Learn more about the Texas Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative. 

Texas Import Guidance

Note: New import template required for Texas School Districts – see instructions for SIS vendors below.

Watch a video tutorial and review information for Texas District Admins and Student Information System (SIS) Vendors below.

Student Information System (SIS) Vendors

Note: The FitnessGram template for Texas School Districts has changed. Various fields have been removed. Please refer to Step 2: Create a File and the following instructions below. Ensure all required fields are included in the FitnessGram import file.

Updates to the Texas FitnessGram Template: Instructions for SIS Vendors

Please note that the FitnessGram CSV Import Template has changed and all import files will need to be updated. Various fields have been removed to cut down on the information in the file, and other fields have been renamed.

Download the Sample Import Template

  • Student Address 1
  • Student Address 2
  • Student City
  • Student State
  • Student Zip
  • Teacher Address 1
  • Teacher Address 2
  • Teacher City
  • Teacher State
  • Teacher Zip
Name Change
  • Student Address 3 – updated to Student SSO ID (useful only if a district wants to set up single sign on)
  • Teacher Address 3 – updated to Teacher SSO ID (useful only if a district wants to set up single sign on)

Note: The SSO ID (formerly Student/Teacher Address 3) is useful for districts wanting to set up Single Sign On. This field allows them to import an ID that is used during the Single Sign On set up process.

Please contact the FitnessGram Help Desk if you need assistance creating the file. The Help Desk can review files and ensure your FitnessGram import file is formatted correctly.

Texas District Admin Instructions

District SIS vendors create a FitnessGram import file for the District Admin to import into the FitnessGram Software.

Download the FitnessGram import file for the upcoming school year and complete Step 4: Import File.  (Skip Step 3: Create a Mapping.  A mapping has been created for Texas.)

If an error message is received regarding matching to a saved import mapping, click the Excel icon to download the Texas import mapping.  Your SIS vendor will need to correct any errors in the FitnessGram import file, such as incorrect header names or missing required fields.

FitnessGram Checklist for School Districts

  • School ID is a 9-digit number
  • District ID is a 6-digit number
  • Student Unique ID is a 10-digit number

For assistance in locating your school or district ID please visit the Texas Education Directory website http://tea4avholly.tea.state.tx.us/TEA.AskTED.Web/Forms/Home.aspx. Once there, hover your cursor over “search by” on the menu at the top of the page. Select either school or district. If you select school, type the name of your school where it says school name and then click search. The 9-digit number will be listed next to your school name.

If you select district, type the name of your district or charter district where it says district name and then click search. The 6-digit number will be listed next to your district or charter district name.

If you have questions about the Texas Education Directory or the AskTED website please email AskTED@tea.texas.gov.

Approved Texas SIS Vendors


Please contact your SIS vendor to inquire about the status of your FitnessGram import file if they are not listed above.

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