This page includes training and instructions for the Vermont FitnessGram implementation.

Vermont FitnessGram 2019-2020 Webinar

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Vermont FitnessGram Requirements

What grades will be assessed for the Vermont PE Assessment?
Assessment of grades 4, 7, and 9 is required for the 2019-20 Vermont PE Assessment. All students in the required grades will need to be assessed. Schools are able to use FitnessGram for all grades, but only the above grades will be used for school accountability.

When are students assessed?
Vermont has designated April 1- May 29, 2019 as the Vermont Physical Education Assessment testing window for 2020. Teachers, make sure your FitnessGram test event dates fall within this designated window.

Which test items are required?
Select any aerobic capacity, upper body, abdominal, and flexibility test you would like. (The recommended tests are: PACER, push-up, curl-up, and backsaver sit-and-reach.) Please note if body composition is assessed, it will not be submitted to the Vermont Agency of Education for any evaluation or accountability purposes.

School and Student IDs in FitnessGram
State-assigned school IDs have been added to FitnessGram for all Vermont schools. District Admins, use these state-assigned IDs found in Districts & Schools under the Participating Schools list in your FitnessGram import file.

State-assigned student IDs must be used to identify students in FitnessGram. If your district or school previously used local identifiers for students, please contact the FitnessGram Help Desk to assist with updating student IDs to the required state-assigned IDs.

How is data submitted to Vermont Agency of Education?
Once data has been entered into FitnessGram schools have completed the process. The Vermont Agency of Education will pull the data from FitnessGram after the testing window ends (May 31). Please note that if your test event dates occur outside of the test window, your school’s results will not be in the state data extract.

FitnessGram offers a variety of reports to communicate results with students and parents, track progress and assist with goal setting, and identify areas of need. We encourage districts to utilize FitnessGram reports to meet the needs of fitness education programming.

Training Certification
The VT PE Certification test is required to certify full training by all Vermont PE teachers administering the assessment. Teachers who pass the test will submit the certificate of a passing score to their District Admin (DA).

Note: DA’s will submit the certification of proper test administration once all PE teachers have completed the training process.

Who should I contact with questions about this assessment?

  • For information about the assessment content and related classroom practice, contact Susan Yesalonia, Physical Education Specialist, at
  • For information about test administration and school accountability, contact Gabriel McGann, Statewide Assessment Coordinator, at
  • For information about the FG Companion Assessments, contact Linda Moreno, Assessment Coordinator for Special Populations, at

Click here for Vermont Agency of Education Physical Education Information.

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