Transfer of Student Data

FitnessGram® Test Events

FitnessGram® data that has been entered within a test event follows students when they transfer between schools within the same district, which means that previously entered data will be accessible via reports.

If a student transfers to a school or class with a different test event created by another teacher, the student and data entered within their former test event will not transfer to the new teacher’s event. The data entered for a student will remain in the test event that it was entered into. The scores entered for students participating in a test event are considered the test record outlining the specific test items, test dates, test type (pre, post, other), and the teacher who administered the test.

The purpose of this logic is to report the most accurate test information. For example, a student may be transferred to a school that administered different test items during a different testing window. If the student performed the PACER at the previous school and the student’s new school administers the one-mile run, the number of PACER laps entered in the previous school would not apply to the one-mile run in the new test event. Additionally, if the student’s testing window at the previous school ends earlier than the window at the new school, then the dates of the new test event would not reflect the time the transfer student actually tested. The dates set for the test event affect the standards students have to meet. Therefore, student FitnessGram® data does not transfer across different test events.


FitnessGram® data will only display for a transferred student if the student is participating in the new school’s test event. If the student has not been added to the new school’s test event, a FitnessGram® Student Report will not be generated for the transfer student.

Scenarios and Tips

1. Log in as the student (or have the student log in) and generate their FitnessGram® Student Report. Students have access to all test events they are participating in and can generate their own report to see the results. This is helpful when a teacher doesn’t have access to the transfer student’s previous test event but wants to provide students with a report.

To obtain student login information:

  • Usernames: Download the Student Information Report.
  • Passwords: Contact the District Admin who completed the import to find out what passwords were assigned to students (passwords are not published to maintain student privacy).
  • Use your district’s 4-character district code.

2. Add the transfer student to your test event. To have the transfer student display when you generate FitnessGram® Student Reports, add the transfer student to your test event and ask the student’s former teacher to share the scores or retest the student.

3. Ask the District Admin to print the report. District Admins have access to all test events within a district. Ask the District Admin if they can generate the FitnessGram® Student Report for the transfer student’s test event.

4. Have a district-wide policy to email FitnessGram® Student Reports to parents. If reports for each test event in the district are emailed to parents, then the transfer student’s report will reach parents even though the student didn’t test with the new teacher. The report emailed will reflect the student’s participation in the test event at their former school.

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