FitnessGram® Statistics Report

The FitnessGram® Statistics Report provides Teachers and Admins with group summary information, including mean, standard deviation, range of scores, and percentage of students achieving the Healthy Fitness Zone® by test item, age, and gender.

Each report page includes each age group’s participation in one test item split up by gender.  Teachers and Admins are able to group the report overview by different levels based on their role privileges.


FitnessGram® Statistics Report by Role

  • District Admins – View statistics by district, school, or class.
  • School Admins – View statistics by school or class.
  • Teachers – View statistics by class.

How do I look at achievement for just one semester?

You can look at achievement for just one semester by changing the month and day of the Start and End Date filters to capture a specific test window.


To view a sample of this report, click Menu and select Reports.


Select the FitnessGram® Statistics Report to find a sample and learn when to use.




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