The Cooper Institute® has partnered with OPEN, the Online Physical Education Network launched by US Games, to provide a series of FitnessGram workshops to maximize success.

Contact US Games to schedule a FitnessGram workshop: 

Workshop Descriptions

Fitness Education Fundamentals (up to 6 hours)

This training will prepare districts and schools as they begin their fitness education journey. It is designed to prepare teachers and administrators to phase FitnessGram into their fitness curriculum planning and lesson implementation. This active session will focus on OPEN’s Fitness Education curriculum modules as well as an introduction to FitnessGram testing protocol.

Participants will be able to identify:

  • Learning standards and outcomes relating to fitness education.
  • Effective instructional strategies and management formats.
  • Strategies for promoting a culture of fitness education.
  • Communication strategies for maximizing the use of student assessments and FitnessGram reports.

FitnessGram Software (up to 6 hours)

The FitnessGram Software Workshop provides teachers and administrators with hands-on training of FitnessGram fundamentals and software.

Participants will be able to identify:

  • The FitnessGram philosophy, components of health-related fitness, and standards.
  • Proper administration of FitnessGram assessment protocols.
  • Steps to successful software implementation.
  • Various reports and opportunities to use results.

Advancing Your Fitness Education Environment (up to 6 hours)

This training will take fitness education and FitnessGram implementation to another level with teacher-tested and approved activities and methods for maximizing the integration of FitnessGram into a comprehensive physical education curriculum.

Participants will be able to identify:

  • Solutions for maximizing fitness programming strengths and improving upon weaknesses.
  • Best practices for utilizing FitnessGram reports within the fitness education environment.
  • Strategies for developing students as fitness education advocates.
  • Resources for expanding the positive impact of fitness education beyond the physical education classroom.

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