The Cooper Institute® has partnered with OPEN, the Online Physical Education Network launched by US Games, to provide a series of FitnessGram workshops to maximize success.

Contact US Games to schedule a FitnessGram workshop: 

Workshop Descriptions

FitnessGram® Implementation – Ready, Set, Go! (3-6 hours)
This session will prepare teachers to implement FitnessGram® in their school or district. The workshop will cover FitnessGram® assessment protocols and tips for working with large groups. Next, participants will log in to the web-based platform and receive a guided exploration of the website, including creating test events, entering data, creating student reports, generating class and school data reports, SmartCoach® resources, and online support. Finally, the group will explore OPEN lessons and content that support fitness education and assessment. This professional development is designed for grades 3–12 audiences and will require activity space along with WiFi and computer devices for participants.

FitnessGram® with Virtual Learning? It CAN Be Done! (1 hour Virtual Only)
Many of today’s physical education classrooms feature both in-person and virtual learners due to the pandemic. Teachers are faced with the dilemma of assessing virtual students with FitnessGram® while never seeing them face-to-face. Created in collaboration with The Cooper Institute®, this professional development takes teachers through solutions to utilizing fitness assessments in the online environment. Assessment solutions, equipment modification, links to resources that can be posted for student access, free OPEN resources that can assist, and more will be shared. This session is designed for any teacher using FitnessGram® with virtual students.

FitnessGram Software (up to 6 hours)

The FitnessGram Software Workshop provides teachers and administrators with hands-on training of FitnessGram fundamentals and software.

Participants will be able to identify:

  • The FitnessGram philosophy, components of health-related fitness, and standards.
  • Proper administration of FitnessGram assessment protocols.
  • Steps to successful software implementation.
  • Various reports and opportunities to use results

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