Students Get Started Guide

Students Get Started Video

Step 1: Login to

Login Tips:

  • FitnessGram® is mobile compatible.
  • Teachers are responsible for providing students with usernames and passwords.
  • If you are unsure of your login information, you can click Forgot if an email address is on file or ask your teacher for help.

Note for Teachers: Student usernames and passwords are created when students are added to FitnessGram®. If you need help finding out usernames and passwords, contact your District Admin or the person who added students to FitnessGram®.

Step 2: Find Your FitnessGram® Test Event

  1. Find the blue FitnessGram tile on the dashboard.
  2. Find your test event, click Go To… and select View Data.

find your test event

You may need to click Refresh at the top of the dashboard to display your test event. Click Refresh and check the FitnessGram® tile again. If you do not see your test event ask your teacher for help.

Note for Teachers: Test events must be created in order for students to enter data.

refresh button

Step 3: Enter FitnessGram® Scores

  1. In the data entry screen, click on a blank cell and type in your score.
  2. Click the Process Scores button when you are finished entering your scores.

data entry screen student


Visit SmartCoach from the dashboard to find the following resources and more:

  • FitnessGram® protocol videos to learn how to perform the test
  • Vignettes to learn about the health-related fitness components
  • Reviewing the FitnessGram® Student Report handout

smartcoach tile student

Students can also enter scores for the activity assessments available in FitnessGram. Find instructions here.

Ask your teacher if you need help with FitnessGram®

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