Email Settings

If the email settings are untouched, the default email address from the system will be  The email address might need to be changed if it is desired to monitor replies.  For example, if a district sends out FitnessGram Student Reports to parents, and it is desired to receive any parent responses, then the district could place a monitored email box in that blank in order to receive all replies there.  Please be aware this email inbox would also then receive any replies from email reset link requests as well. 

Click Settings and select Email Settings.


This will take you to the Email Settings screen:


If you make no changes, the default in FitnessGram is for the system to use the System SMTP email server and send all automated emails (password reset requests, emailed Student Reports to parents, etc.) from a non-monitored email address of  No changes are needed for this to function properly.

If you wish to route automated emails to be sent from or through your district’s email server, click District SMTP in this screen and complete the form below.  You will need to fill in information to include the server IP address, server port number, username and password which has rights to that email box on that server, and a From Email Address for any automated emails.  After entering the required information, click Save Settings.



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