Unlock Account

Due to our updated privacy protocol, a user will have 3 three attempts to enter a correct password when logging into the system.

After 3 incorrect attempts, a user’s account will be temporarily locked for 15 minutes.

Note: Users will be warned of the lockout after each incorrect attempt.

If a user is locked out, they can either wait the 15 minutes or contact their District Administrator to immediately unlock the account.

District Administrators are able to “Unlock” an account by going to Settings, Manage Users, and opening the user’s account. From here, the District Administrator will change the “Lock Status” from Locked, to Un-locked.

If your District Administrator is unavailable, after waiting the 15 minutes, we recommend resetting your password using the “Forgot Password” link. This will avoid being permanently locked out after your 3 additional attempts.

Note: If you find you are permanently locked out, please contact the help desk.