District Admins

District Admins watch the video tutorials below for step-by-step instructions to get started. Download the Getting Started District Admin Guide to view these steps in a guide format.

Step 1:  Log In to https://myhealthyzone.FitnessGram.net/

Tips for District Admins to log in for the first time:

  • Upon activation, the District Admins identified on the Intake Form will receive a Welcome to FitnessGram® email from noreply@FitnessGram.net with the username and 4-character district code.
  • Initially, the District Admin will enter the username, district code, and click Forgot above the password field to set a new one.
  • Enter all three fields once your password has been reset to login.

Click here for more information about logging in.

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Step 2:  View District & Schools

Go to Settings, select District & Schools, and perform the following tasks.

  • Check Participating Schools list to find Local Identifiers.
    • Check the list of Participating Schools to ensure all schools are visible and have a Local Identifier.
    • The School Local Identifiers need to be unique to the district and will be the IDs used in the import file.
    • To add or edit a School Local Identifier, click the school name and add/edit the ID field. Note: Contact FitnessGram@CooperInst.org if you are part of a FitnessGram® State Implementation before changing/adding a Local Identifier.

participating schools list

  • Check School Year Start Date.
    • The current school year will be the School Year Start Date until one year from this date.
    • The default setting is July 1st, but the District Admin can adjust to suit their schedule.
    • Data entered into the software prior to the current school year will not be visible; it will be archived and retrievable via reports.

school year start date

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Step 3:  Import Students, Teachers, and Classes

Note:  Refer to state-specific import instructions if part of a FitnessGram®state implementation (FitnessGram® states: TX, GA, OK, SC, DE).

Click here to learn more about the import process and download supplemental resources.

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Step 4:  Visit Manage Classes & Manage Users

Once and import has processed, find class rosters and verify student, class, and teacher assignments.  Ensure classes are ready for teachers to begin creating FitnessGram® Test Events.

Go to Settings and select Manage Classes.

  • Sort by school and check for active classes with students. Select classes to find teachers and students.

sort by school

Go to Settings and select Manage Users.

  • Sort by Teacher, and verify teachers are active and ready to use the software. Note: Make sure email addresses are on file for each teacher (so that they can set their own passwords).

sort by teacher

Click here to learn more about Manage Classes and Manage Users.

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Step 5:  Share Logins with Teachers

Login Tips:

  •  District Admins manage all teacher logins in the software for their district.
  • The Help Desk will refer any users in the district to the District Admins for assistance with retrieving login credentials.

Checklist for Success:

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