Create FitnessGram® Test Event

Find the FitnessGram® Tile on the Home page.

Click Create Event in the upper right corner of that tile.


Or, click on Menu and select FitnessGram® and click Create Event in the upper right corner of the list.

create test event

Either method will begin the 4 steps of creating a FitnessGram® Test Event.

Step 1: Choose Classes

Make sure the classes selected will be assessed with the same test items.  Note: Schools, Teachers, and Classes are not able to be edited in a test event once it has been created.


Select the Schools, Teachers and Classes to be included in this event.  Note: If classes do not appear, this means you are not assigned to any classes.  Contact your District Admin for assistance.

Click the Step 2 button at the bottom of this screen.

Step 2: Test Event Details


Name: Type the name of the event. Test event names should be descriptive enough to identify. For example, Jane Jogger Spring Post Test 2017 includes the teacher name, semester, type of test, and school year.

Dates: Set the start and end dates of the event as close as possible to the actual testing period. Why?

  • Data can be entered throughout the school year.
  • The standards students will have to meet are chosen based on their age on the end date of the test event.
  • The dates of the event should not extend past the dates of the classes contained in the test.

Note: Test events cannot be created for previous school years.

Additional Settings: Select whether or not you want to print body composition on the student reports for this event.

Select the Test Event Type. Is this a pre-test, a post-test or some other test category?

Click Step 3 to continue.

Step 3: Choose Test Items


Select all of the test items administered during fitness testing. There are several options within each category.

Note: Do not create multiple test events with one test item each, for example – one PACER test event, Sit-and-Reach test event, etc. This will impact reporting on the FitnessGram® Student Reports as reports are generating based one one test event.

Click the Step Four button to continue.

Step 4: Confirm Selections

Review the school and class selections, review test event details, and confirm the test options selected. Once confirmed click Create.


Contact us for additional assistance.

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