This page includes training and instructions for the DoDEA FitnessGram Implementation.

Yes, Your Login Information Has Changed! 

In the summer of 2022, all DoDEA sites were merged into one large FitnessGram “District”. Because of this, you have new login credentials. Check Schoology for your credentials or check with your regional Health & PE ISS for any questions.

DoDEA Software Training

DoDEA Software Training

DoDEA Software Training

FG 101

To access the FG 101 learning module:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Menu, SmartCoach
  3. Select the Professional Development tab
  4. Select FG 101


DoDEA Guidelines

Physical education teachers are encouraged to conduct fitness assessments for all K-12 students at the beginning of the PE term (Quarter-Semester-Year) and enter the data into DoDEA FitnessGram software.

Only one series of assessment is needed per student per year for elementary teachers. Data entry for elementary teachers should be completed NLT 01 2023. Secondary physical education teachers may choose to assess each quarter or by the semester with a pre and a post assessment.

To ensure fitness data is consistent across DoDEA, the Physical Education ISS team (HQ+PAC+EU+AM) prescribes specific fitness guidelines: Click here to see chart.

Teachers will record height and weight only for the aerobic capacity formula utilized for the one-mile run. BMI data should be omitted from the student reports emailed to parents/sponsors. Deselect the BMI option in the reports section of FitnessGram. See software training above for more information.

Educators are encouraged to use the resources available from FitnessGram to create an informative letter to parents/sponsors explaining FitnessGram as a common assessment for monitoring students’ progress toward health-related fitness components.

Direct questions and concerns to DoDEA’s regional Health & Physical Education ISS’s.

Who should I contact with questions?

Denny DePriest, Instructional Systems Specialist – Health & Physical Education – DoDEA Europe,

Jocelyn Deighton, Instructional Systems Specialist – Health & Physical Education – DoDEA Americas,

Mari Jones, Instructional Systems Specialist – Health & Physical Education – DoDEA Pacific/Yokota,