Roles & Privileges

  • Student – view personal data only
  • Teacher – view classes and students assigned to them
  • School Admin – manage classes and students within a school
  • District Admin – manage all classes and students within a district

District Admins can adjust privileges for teachers and school administrators.

Click Settings and select Roles & Privileges.


The Roles & Privileges screen will appear:


Select the User Type in the upper left corner.

view privileges for

Once a User Type is chosen, the list below will refresh to show privileges that can be modified to affect that user.

For example, if a District Admin needs to grant importing privileges to all School Admins in the district, choose School Admin for the role, find Import in the list, and turn on all the options for permissions for that privilege:

select all import privileges

Once those settings are turned on, any School Admin in that district can now log in and see the Import command under Settings, where it would not have been visible by default.


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