SmartCoach (or Admin Resources if logged in as a District Admin) is a FitnessGram® resource library to assist with test administration and interpreting results. The following categories provide the types of resources available.

Note: Resources are subject to change.

(See SmartCoach page numbers next to each resource.)

Test Administration

  • Protocol videos
  • Cadences
  • Score sheets (11, 12)
  • Vignettes (3, 5, 8)

Parent Resources

  • FitnessGram® Parent Letter (6)
  • How to Prepare Your Child for FitnessGram® handout (8)
  • Reviewing the FitnessGram® Student Report handout (11)
  • Activity promotion resources (See Activity Promotion Subject)

From the FitnessGram® Scientific Advisory Board

  • FitnessGram® Position Statements (9, 10)
  • Reference Guide (10)

Report Resources

  • Standards Charts and PACER Look-Up Tables (See Standards Subject)
  • Report Descriptions (10)

To find a resource:

Click Menu and Select SmartCoach (or Admin Resources).


Resources are in alphabetical order. Select the arrows at the bottom of the list to scroll through all resources.


Filter resources by subject.


Click the star next to a resource to add to Favorites tab.

smartcoach favorite

Find Suggestions, Favorites, and Professional Development by clicking the tabs.

smartcoach tabs

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