Manage Mandates

District Admins can create mandates within the software that require or exclude certain test items for different grade levels.

If any mandates are added, please communicate to the teachers, as this affects how the Completion Reports are calculated.  Required items included in mandate will mark a student as incomplete until data is entered for required items.

Click Settings and select Manage Mandates.


A screen will appear listing any mandates applicable to the current district:


To create a new mandate, click Add Mandate +.


The Add Mandate dialog box will appear:


Enter a title for the mandate, start and end dates, whether the test items will be required or not allowed (excluded). Next, choose the test items included in the mandate and the grades to which to apply the mandate. Once finished editing the fields in this box, click Save.

Example of a mandate applied to middle school students, spring semester:


Once the mandate is saved, it will appear in the list of mandates out at the Manage Mandates screen:


After a mandate is created, any user in the district that creates an event that is covered by a mandate will notice the test item(s) already filled in to the test event upon creation.

For example, in the following case an event is being created for middle schoolers in grades 6-8. Because of the above mandate saved in this district, the 20M Pacer test appears in the event already under Aerobic Capacity:


If the X is clicked to remove 20M Pacer, the following message is displayed because of the mandate:


So all future test events created during that date range for those impacted grade levels will have that test item required.

Note: If it is desired to remove a mandate at the district level, the mandate can be adjusted to end on a prior date, so that it will no longer apply to future created FitnessGram Test Events.

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