Edit FitnessGram Test Events

Select the FitnessGram test event you’d like to edit.

Note:  You must be the creator of the event or a District Admin to edit.


Click Go To and select Edit Event.


In Step 1, edit classes if need.

Note: If any classes are removed from an event, data that was entered for those classes will be permanently deleted. Confirm the class(es) you want to remove and click Yes.

edit classes in test event

Go to Step 2 and edit information by selecting the name, date, and/or test event type fields.

Create Event 0319

Go to Step 3 and add or remove test item selections.

Note: If scores are entered for any of the test item(s) you choose to remove, the data will be lost.


Click Step 4 and confirm test item changes.


Click Update to finish.

Update Event

Contact us for additional assistance.

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