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Participating Schools List and School Local Identifiers
School Year Start Date

Click on Settings and select Districts & Schools.


That will show you a screen listing your district information at the top:

districts and schools 2018


Participating Schools List and School Local Identifiers

The schools for your district will be listed at the bottom of this page:


To show more detailed information about an individual school, click the name of the school. A new window will appear showing school details:


Add/edit the Local Identifier field if desired.

The Local Identifier may be changed to reflect the same School ID as in that file so that the data may match to schools upon import.

School Year Start Date

The School Year Start Date can be found when looking in Districts & Schools.

school year start date

This month and day reflect the year-long period identified as the school year in the software. After this date passes, all students, classes, and test events from the school year will be archived and visible only in reports.

The default setting is July 1st, but the District Admin can change the date to suit their schedule.

Note: Only the month and day are accounted for, so the School Year Start Date does not need to be reset annually.


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