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South Carolina FitnessGram Project

Scores due by June 8, 2023!

South Carolina Import Guidance

The Import process imports school, student, class, and teacher information, along with their relationships. It does not remove or delete users from your school/district — it inserts new users or updates existing information.

South Carolina District Admins watch a video tutorial and review instructions below to get started.

SIS Extract Data Import

Import data into FitnessGram from your PowerSchool FitnessGram extract, which is a comma-delimited (.csv) file. It is preformatted with all the data fields necessary for the import. Follow the steps below for instructions.

Step 1: Check District and School Information in PowerSchool
Note: Your PowerSchool extract file includes the field of “Student Is Active” which is managed by the data updated in PowerSchool.  The information for active or inactive students comes directly from PowerSchool.  Please make sure data is updated in PowerSchool before downloading the FitnessGram extract. This includes the state student unique ID number, the PE teacher’s unique SC certification number, and teacher email addresses.

Step 2: Create an Import File
South Carolina District Administrators must run the latest SQL query provided by the state project coordinator at SC DHEC or SCDE to create a file to import into FitnessGram. The SQL query extracts the needed information and is preformatted with all the data fields and headers necessary to create the import file for FitnessGram.

For more information on the query contact Breonna Mealing ( or Shirley Scholtz (

PowerSchool Instructions:

Choose your district’s PowerSchool version and follow the corresponding instructions:

For Districts running Power Schools on their own servers (not hosted by Pearson-PowerSchool)
  • Create a FG folder onto the appropriate drive on your PowerSchool server and publish FGExport Passwords – FG and FG.sql to the folder.
  • Rename FGExport.txt to FGExport.bat.
  • Rename Passwords – FG.txt to Passwords – FG.bat.
  • Rename sql script to FG.sql.
  • Update/edit the Passwords – FG.bat file with the districts’ current PowerSchool username and password credentials.
  • Run FGExport batch file.
  • Save and maintain the file as a .csv file.
  • Utilize the Task Scheduler to automate executing the FGExport.bat script on your server.
For Districts Hosted by Pearson Power Schools
  • Districts that are hosted by Pearson (PowerSchool) please copy the SQL statement only (between the Spool commands) to execute using SQLDeveloper or utility of your preference.
  • Please ensure the Header checkbox is checked or unchecked to exclude header rows depending on your version of SQL Developer Export Wizard.
  • Download the FitnessGram import file for the current school year.
  • Save and maintain the file as a .csv file.

Export Wizard

Step 3: Import your File
Now you are ready to import your file.  Click here to find Step 4: Import File for step-by-step instructions.  (South Carolina districts skip Step 3: Create Mapping.) Make sure to select No for the Update usernames and passwords setting.

Note: When importing data using FTP, FitnessGram leverages the SFTP protocol with 256 bit AES encryption. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest throughout the import process.

PowerSchool FTP Tips

Who to Contact
Please review the import instructions first to see if your question is answered before contacting the SC DHEC or the FitnessGram Help Desk.

FitnessGram South Carolina DHEC
For questions about the South Carolina FitnessGram project, contact Breonna Mealing (

For questions about the PowerSchool SQL query, contact Shirley Scholtz (

FitnessGram Help Desk
Questions on the import process or technical support should be directed to the FitnessGram Help Desk.

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