Teachers & School Admins

Teachers & School Admins watch the video tutorials below for step-by-step instructions. Download the Getting Started Teacher Guide to view these steps in a guide format.

Step 1: Log in to https://myhealthyzone.FitnessGram.net/

Tips for obtaining Login Information:

  • Upon activation, the FitnessGram Coordinators (District Admins) identified on the Intake Form will receive an email from noreply@FitnessGram.net with their login information and guidance on how to set up their FitnessGram software.
  • District Admins provide teacher usernames and passwords.  If you are unsure of your Login information, you can click the Forgot link if an email address is on file, or ask your District Admin for assistance.
  • The 4-Character FitnessGram District Code is a security feature. Users can look up this code by clicking “Forgot” and entering their school building or district zip code.

Click here for more information about logging in.

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Step 2: Create a FitnessGram Test Event

Tips on Creating a Test Event:

  • Make sure to visit Manage Classes under Settings to ensure you have class rosters before creating a test event.  If you do not see any class rosters in Manage Classes, contact your District Admin.
  • The test event Start Date and End Date are used to identify the period of time testing was conducted.
  • The end date is used to calculate student’s age at the time of the assessment. Age is then used to identify which standards the student is compared to.

Click here to learn more about FitnessGram test events.

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Step 3: Enter FitnessGram Scores

Tip on FitnessGram Data Entry:

  • The software is mobile compatible, so all data can be entered on a compatible mobile device while testing with an internet connection.

Click here to learn more about data entry.

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Step 4: Generate FitnessGram Student Reports

Tips on Generating FitnessGram Student Reports:

  • FitnessGram Student Reports can be emailed directly to parents and/or students. Click here to learn about this feature.
  • To access other reports, click Menu and select Reports.
  • All Scheduled and Emailed Reports can be found under the Report Activity tab by clicking Menu and selecting Reports.

Click here to learn more about FitnessGram Reports.

In addition to our Getting Started Guide, download Test Day Tips for recommended action items and resources to help you feel well equipped for testing day.

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