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FitnessGram Test Events




How do I find out who my District Admin is?

Contact the FitnessGram Help Desk.

What can students do in the software?

Students can log in to enter FitnessGram and activity assessment scores, generate their individual reports, and find SmartCoach resources.

My state requires us to report FitnessGram scores into the software. How do I find out my state’s reporting requirements?

Visit your state’s FitnessGram help page. Visit your state education agency website if your state is not a FitnessGram software implementation.

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I am the District Admin and I have not received a login to access the software for the first time.

Your network may be blocking FitnessGram emails. Work with a network administrator at your school or district to add the domain to your email system.

Contact the FitnessGram Help Desk for assistance logging in.

I am a Teacher. Why do I have to reset my password every time I log in?

Importing updates reset passwords to the passwords in the import file. District Admins can prevent teachers from having to continuously reset their passwords by changing the settings on the Import page. Contact your District Admin to notify them that this is occurring.

What do I do if I have separate Teacher and District Admin accounts?

Merge your accounts so that you only have one login.


Does an import need to occur each school year?

Yes, because the import process promotes students to the next grade levels, adds classes, and assigns students and teachers to new classes.

Where can I find my School Local Identifiers in the software to ensure they match the IDs in my import file?

Districts & Schools

Can my file contain hyphenated last names?

Yes, view import File Requirements in Step 2: Create a File.

How do I deactivate students and teachers through the import process?

District Admins can adjust the Type of Import Settings on the Import page to Add, Update and Remove. This will deactivate any users and classes that are not in the import file.

When is the earliest I can import for an upcoming school year?

The earliest an import can be completed for an upcoming school year is after the month and day of the School Year Start Date passes in Districts & Schools.  See Step 1: Check Districts & Schools for more information.

How can I automate the import process so that I don’t have to log in to the software?

See Step 4: Import File to learn about FTP imports. 

Why did my import create duplicate users or classes in the software?

The import process adds or updates students, teachers, and classes based on the student ID, teacher ID, and class ID fields in the import file. If any users or classes are already in the software and they are imported with different IDs, they will duplicate which you want to avoid. Teacher and student IDs must remain consistent each year to maintain data integrity.

How do I merge duplicate users?

See steps for District Admins to merge duplicates in Manage Users.

FitnessGram Test Events

Should I extend my test event dates to allow more time to enter scores?

No, the software will allow Teachers to enter FitnessGram scores anytime within the school year that has been identified by the School Year Start Date. Set test event end dates as close as possible to the actual test end date as the end date of the test event is used to calculate student ages at the time of the assessment. Age is then used to identify which standards the student is compared to.

How do I change test items, dates, or the name of my test event?

Learn how to edit a test event.

Can I enter scores on a mobile device?

Yes, the software is mobile compatible and can be accessed in your mobile web browser by typing in the URL: An internet connection is required to access on a mobile device.

Where are my test events and classes from last school year?

Test events, classes, and students auto-archive one year after the School Year Start Date in the software.  Data can be viewed by generating reports.

How do I require my teachers to include certain test items in their events (e.g. 20M PACER, Push-Ups)?

District Admins can create mandates within the software that require or exclude certain test items for different grade levels.  Learn how to create a mandate.

What do I do if a student doesn’t participate in a test item?

Students can be exempted from individual test items within the Data Entry screen of the test event.

What happens to student data if they transfer to a different school?

Data remains in the student’s former test event and will appear on the student’s report unless the teacher removes the student from the test event.

Can I import scores into the software?

No, scores must be entered within the Data Entry screen of the test event.

Why do FitnessGram tests have maximum scores?

While some students may achieve higher scores than the test allows, the fundamental purpose of FitnessGram is to assess health-related fitness – not performance.  The FitnessGram Scientific Advisory Board has indicated specific reasons as to why these particular test items have maximum scores:

  • Back-saver sit and reach: the limitation of 12 inches as the maximum score is to prevent injury, specifically to discourage hypermobility.
  • Trunk lift: students should not be encouraged to lift the chin more than 12 inches to prevent injury, specifically because excessive arching of the back can cause compression of the spinal discs.
  • Curl-ups and Push-ups: the maximum score of 75 is in consideration of class time.


Which test event will display on the FitnessGram Student Report if I administer two test items for the same health-related fitness component?

Learn about the FitnessGram Student Report logic.

What does an emailed FitnessGram Student Report look like for parents?

Find an example of the FitnessGram Student Report email.

How can I print reports?

Report Output offers several options, including View which acts as a Print Preview screen. You can click through different pages, download, or print the reports from the screen.

How can I tell if my emailed reports have been successfully delivered?

Report Activity Tab is now available to show the status of Emailed or Scheduled reports.

How can I see a student’s previous data if they just transferred into my class?

Reports show past data regardless of class or school as long as the student transferred within the district.


Where can I find FitnessGram test administration resources?

Find test administration resources in SmartCoach, such as protocol videos, cadences, and the FitnessGram Administration Manual.

Where can I locate the FitnessGram standards?

Find standards charts in SmartCoach.

Where can I locate the FitnessGram PACER Look-Up Tables?

Find PACER Look-Up tables in SmartCoach.

How can I play cadences in the gymnasium or classroom on a mobile device?

Find the cadence in SmartCoach and click the hyperlink next to File Name. Once the MP3 tab opens, click the download arrow. This download will allow you to play the full cadence without internet connection.

Where can I purchase the FitnessGram CD?

The CD is no longer available for purchase. However, if you have the FitnessGram software all protocol videos and cadences are available under SmartCoach. If you do not have the software, the web resources are available through Human Kinetics at

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