To complete the opt-in process, click the link above and complete an Intake form for your district. Once the form has been completed the listed contacts will receive a welcome email. Please allow time for processing.

How to Register Video

Texas Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative

(Get Started Guide for District Administrators, Get Started Guide for Teachers, Test Event Guide, FitnessGram Report Descriptions, and Texas FitnessGram FAQs)

Note: If you are a District Administrator, you are responsible for creating accounts for any other users in your district manually or via an import.

All Users:

Login Video

All Texas users will login via myhealthyzone.fitnessgram.net. A username and password are required to log in. Your ISD’s designated District Administrator should provide this to you. 

Password is case sensitive. Click the forgot button above a field if you need to retrieve your login credentials.


Create Event Video

To create a FitnessGram Test Event, Click Create Event in the upper right corner of the FitnessGram tab. Select your School and Classes.

Name your test events descriptively. Select your dates

Note: Make sure the dates are accurate as the end date is what determines the standards for the students based on their age at that time. All scores will need to be entered before the second Friday of June.

Lastly, choose your Test Items from the Texas specific state-assigned items:

1) Aerobic Capacity: PACER OR One-Mile Run OR One-Mile Walk

2) Body Composition: BMI OR Skin-Fold

3) Muscular Strength and Endurance: Curl-Up, Trunk Lift and one other item: Push-Up OR Modified Pull-Up OR Flexed Arm Hang

4) Flexibility: Back Saver Sit and Reach OR Shoulder Stretch

Confirm selections then Click Create. 

Edit Event Video

To edit a Test Event, select the Edit or Pencil image in the top right of the test event icon.

Note:  If you plan to remove a class or test item please know all data that has been entered for that class or item will be removed from the test event as well.

At the end of your updates, click Proceed.

Data Entry and Customizations Video

To Enter FitnessGram Scores select the View Data button. You will have three options. 

Note: The software is mobile compatible as long as you have internet connection.

Click SmartCoach Resources, to view your list of resources.

Enter Data will bring you to your Data Entry Screen. Or you can select Validate Data, which will allow you to review any of your student submitted scores.

If you want to exempt a student from an assessment due to a physical limitation or disability, click the student name. A box will appear for you to select the test items for exemption. To remove the exemption click on the “no” symbol to review or remove the exemption code. Once removed, you can enter a score.

Student Report Video

The FitnessGram Student Report: Provides individual students with information about their fitness levels, including performance against the Healthy Fitness Zone standards and information about the fitness component.

Note: Student Reports can be printed and provided to parents and students. 

Completion Report Video

The Completion Report: Shows the percentage of students who have data entered by component. Once you have entered all scores for students, your report should calculate a 100% Completion Rate. You will want to confirm this before notifying your District Administrator that you have met the TEA requirement. 

Overview Report Video

The FitnessGram Overview Report: Provides Teachers and Admins with a graphic representation of Healthy Fitness Zone percentage for each fitness component. Use this report to adjust your curriculum or as a physical education advocacy tool. Data drives decisions!

District Administrators and SIS Vendors:

Import Video

The import process is the recommended way for Texas Independent School Districts to add or update student, teacher, and class assignments. The steps include:

1. Checking districts and schools to confirm your State-assigned IDs are used as your School Identifiers.

2. Creating a file to include all of your student and class rosters. The file requirements can be found at https://help.fitnessgram.net/import/.

3. Creating a mapping to assign the headers of your file to the fields in the system.

4. Importing the file.

To schedule automated imports click the view FTP credentials link on the Import page to open your district’s unique credentials for setup with your third party vendor.

OneRoster Video

FitnessGram now accepts files in the OneRoster version 1.1 format. FitnessGram® requires 7 OneRoster™ CSV files for bulk processing: manifest.csv, orgs.csv, users.csv, classes.csv, enrollments.csv, academicSessions.csv, and demographics.csv.

Each of these files has both required and optional fields. You are able to find an outline of which fields are required for each file for FitnessGram under help.fitnessgram.net/oneroster-imports/.

SSO Video

If your Texas Independent School District would like to utilize Single Sign On or SSO, you will need to notify our FitnessGram Help Desk by visiting https://help.fitnessgram.net/help-desk/ and submitting a ticket.  

Note: FitnessGram can support one of the following protocols: WS-Federation, OAuth2, or OpenID Connect (Also known as ADFS, ClassLink, or Google). FitnessGram cannot support SAML.

Manage Users Video

To manually update class rosters within FitnessGram, click Data Management and Manage Classes to find your classes. A district or school admin role is required to add, edit or delete a class. 

Next, go to Data Management and Manage Users. This is where you will find your students organized by school. Teachers can now request to add a student. This request would need to be approved by a district or school admin.

Click on a user’s name for more information. This screen is now organized into two tabs, Basic User Information and Manage Users Assignments. To add a student or teacher to a class, click the Manage User Assignments tab and then Add Class. 

To unassign a user from a class, click the Manage User Assignments tab and then simply click the garbage can, then Unassign. 

If you have multiple accounts for the same user, the District Administrator is responsible for merging these accounts.

End-Of-Year Data Submission (Texas) Video