Enter FitnessGram Data

Once your Test Event has been created, you are now able to enter FitnessGram scores. Below are a few ways to get started with entering data.

Note:  FitnessGram data can be entered into a test event up to one year from the School Year Start Date your District Admin has identified.

To enter scores select the View Data button.


You will have three options. Selecting SmartCoach Resources, will bring you to a list of relevant resources based on your assessment selections. Selecting Validate Data will allow you to review any of your student submitted data before considering it final. While Selecting Enter Data will bring you to your data entry screen. 


Start by selecting if you would like to enter scores by Student or by Class. Then click Edit before entering scores.


Exempt Students within a FitnessGram Test Event and Final Steps

Students can be exempted from test items within a FitnessGram Test Event. Select the students name and then select from the list of assessments to set an exemption for.


Contact us for additional assistance.

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