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Enter FitnessGram® Data
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How to Enter FitnessGram® Data

Note:  FitnessGram® data can be entered into a test event up to one year from the School Year Start Date your District Admin has identified.  The system is mobile compatible so all data can be entered on a compatible mobile device while testing as long as there is an internet connection (WiFi or LTE).

Click Menu and select FitnessGram®.


Select the test event.  Click Go To and select Enter Data.

select enter data

Data is filtered by school, teacher, and class. Select a different class in the dropdown menu above the test event roster.

filter by class

Click on a cell to begin entering scores.  Use the Tab, Enter/Return, or arrow keys to navigate through the cells.

click a cell to begin entering scores

Click the red Process Scores button once data has been entered so that scores will process for reports.

process scores

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Customize the Data Entry Screen

Rearrange columns by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

drap n drop columns

Shrink the column widths to fit more test items on the screen.

shrink column width

Show/hide columns to filter certain test events.

filter columns.PNG

Click Print Spreadsheet to download an Excel file of the data entry screen.  Note: The file will include the class and test items selected in the data entry screen.  The spreadsheet will not include scores if data has not been entered, and it will include any data that has been entered in the data entry screen.

print spreadsheet.PNG

Click the check box next to Show only students missing data to only show students with blank cells in the data entry sheet.

show only

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Exempt Students within a FitnessGram® Test Event

Students can be exempted from test items within a FitnessGram® Test Event.

Click the “no” symbol next to a student’s name.

set exemtion

A window will appear to select one or more test items along with an exemption code. Select one or more items, an exemption code, and click save.  The code selected is for teacher reference only and are not reflected in reports.

exemption codes

A symbol will appear within the test item cell.  Once clicked, a note displays with the exemption code and the option to remove.

click on the no symbol to display the exemption

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