Generate Student Reports

Click Menu and select Reports.


Select the report you’d like to generate and click View Report.

Select the report filters desired and click Continue.


Select additional filters.

Select a current event to display on the report.  For the previous event select Auto Select Previous Event to pull the most recent event for each student or select a specific event. Note: If choosing Auto Select, the event auto selected will be the most recent test event start date prior to the current start date for each student.

Only two events will show at one time on the Student Report.


Select Report Output and click Run Report.  Queue PDF begins processing the reports without having to wait in the View Report screen (Preferred for large data sets).  Screen output will display reports in the report window below the filters.


Queue PDF Reports

An alert will display once you’ve clicked Run Report.


Find Queued Reports by clicking Menu and selecting View Queued Reports.


Report will become a link to download the PDF of reports once processed.  You do not have to remain logged in to wait for the report. Processing will continue to occur.


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Screen Reports

Select Screen and click Run Report.


Reports will display in the window.  Flip through report pages, download, or print reports.

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