FitnessGram® Overview Report

The FitnessGram® Overview Report provides Teachers and Admins with a graphic representation of Healthy Fitness Zone® achievement percentage for each fitness component. Each version of the Overview Report provides different ways to view your data.

FitnessGram® Overview Report Versions

  • Summary: shows Healthy Fitness Zone® and Needs Improvement Zone percentages by gender.
  • Grade Level Comparison: compares Healthy Fitness Zone® percentages by grade level.
  • School Year Comparison: compares up to 3 years of Healthy Fitness Zone® percentages by component. (School Admin/District Admin only)
  • School vs. District: compares Healthy Fitness Zone® percentages for each selected school with the entire district. (District Admin only)

Teachers and Admins are able to group the overview by different levels based on their role.


FitnessGram® Overview Report by Role

  • District Admins – Group by district, school, and class.
  • School Admins – Group by school and class.
  • Teachers – Group by class.

How do I look at achievement for just one semester?

You can look at achievement for just one semester by changing the month and day of the Start and End Date filters to capture a specific test window.


Which test item will be used in the FitnessGram® Overview Report if my students complete two tests for the same component (e.g., 20M PACER and One-Mile Run for aerobic capacity)?

The same reporting logic that applies to the FitnessGram® Student Report will determine which test items are displayed in the FitnessGram® Overview Report.

To view a sample of this report, click Menu and select Reports.


Select the FitnessGram® Overview Report to find a sample and learn when to use.


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