FitnessGram® Class Score (PYFA) Report

The FitnessGram® Class Score (PYFA) Report provide Teachers and Admins with a summary of student scores and Healthy Fitness Zone® achievement for the Presidential Youth Fitness Awards (PYFA) program.

FitnessGram® Class Score (PYFA) Report Types

  • HFZ Achievement Report – View individual students’ fitness zone achievement only.
  • Score & HFZ Report – View individual students’ scores and fitness zone achievement

Reports list students by school and are in alphabetical order by class.  View individual students’ scores or which fitness zone they achieved for one or multiple test events during the school year.

How do I look at achievement for just one semester?

You can look at achievement for just one semester by changing the month and day of the Start and End Date filters to capture a specific test window.



How do I find out how many students are eligible for Presidential Youth Fitness Awards?

The FitnessGram® Class Score (PYFA) Report provides the number of students who achieved the Presidential Youth Fitness Award by class.  This total can be found in the last column labeled PYFA*.

Note:  The Cooper Institute does not distribute awards on behalf of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.  Please visit for questions about the program and awards.

To view a sample of the FitnessGram® Class Score (PYFA) Report, click Menu and select Reports.


Select the FitnessGram® Class Score (PYFA) Report to find a sample and learn when to use.


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