FitnessGram® % Tested Report

FitnessGram® % Tested Reports provide Teachers and Admins with the percentage of students who have complete data entered.

Note: Districts in Georgia refer to Custom Georgia Reports for your % Tested Report information.

FitnessGram® % Tested Report Versions

  • FitnessGram® % Tested by School – Teachers, School Admins, District Admins
  • FitnessGram® % Tested by District – District Admins

The FitnessGram® % Tested by School Report shows more detail by listing each test event that has been created at a school.  The FitnessGram® % Tested by District Report lists each school without test event information.

Which students appear on the report?

Students are accounted for in this report only if a FitnessGram® Test Event has been created for them.  If a FitnessGram® Test Event has not been created for a school no data will display.

How is the number of eligible students calculated?

The number of eligible students is found by subtracting the number of permanently exempt students from the total number of students assessed (i.e., the number of students in a FitnessGram® Test Event):

Total Students Assessed – # Students Permanently Exempted = # Students Eligible

What makes a student considered “complete”?

A student is marked complete if all test items within an event have scores or exemptions entered for them.  If one or more test items in an event do not have a score entered, the student is considered incomplete.

Note: Georgia District Admins refer to your custom % Tested Reports for a different definition of “complete”.

Percentage of students completed is calculated by the number of students completed out of the number of students eligible:

# Students Completed / # Students Eligible = % Students Completed

How do partially exempt students affect this report and others?

A partially exempt student is considered “complete” if each cell within the test event has either a score or an exemption.  If students are only partially exempt, meaning some test items have been marked exempt within the event, the student will not be considered complete until scores have been entered for the remaining test items.

Permanently exempt students are accounted for in the ineligible column of the FitnessGram® % Tested Report.

To view a sample of this report, click Menu and select Reports.


Select the FitnessGram® % Tested if logged in as a teacher, or the FitnessGram® % Tested by School if logged in as a District Admin, to find a sample and learn when to use.

percent tested by school sample

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