FitnessGram Data Export

The FitnessGram Data Export provides District Admins with a CSV output of raw FitnessGram scores and standards achievement. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn how to download this report.

Each line item in the file represents one student’s test event participation, including:

  • Student, class, and test date information
  • FitnessGram scores entered
  • Health-related fitness component achievement (e.g., Healthy Fitness Zone®, Needs Improvement)
  • Percentage of tests passed per component

Where do I find the FitnessGram Codebook?

The FitnessGram Data Export Codebook can be found in SmartCoach.  Use the codebook to identify definitions of codes and variables within the export.


How do I look at data from test events that took place during one semester as opposed to the whole school year?

The export can be filtered by test event within the report filters to select specific events that took place during one semester.

test event filter extract

Or, filter the file by test date in column R after downloading.

filter by test date

How can I de-identify my students?

De-identify students by name, student ID, or both using the report filters.


To view a sample of this report, click Menu and select Reports.


Select the Data Export tab, then click on FitnessGram Data Export to find a sample and learn when to use.



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