FitnessGram Student Report

FitnessGram Student Reports provide individual students and parents with information about their fitness levels from one test event to another, including performance against the Healthy Fitness Zone® standards and information about the fitness component.

Learn about health-related fitness components.

Learn about the Healthy Fitness Zone® Standards.

The Reviewing the FitnessGram Student Report handout located in SmartCoach is available to assist in reading the report.

FitnessGram Student Reports can be printed or emailed directly to parents. Student Reports are private and should never be viewed by other students.

How can I generate the FitnessGram Student Report in Spanish?

The Print Reports in Spanish setting must be applied to students in order to print or email FitnessGram Student Reports in Spanish.


This setting can be adjusted manually by clicking a student name while in Manage Users and checking the Print Reports in Spanish box.



Once this setting has been selected, the FitnessGram Student Report will automatically generate in Spanish for the student. To update the Print Reports in Spanish setting for multiple students at once, this setting must be included in the import file by the District Admin.  You can include this information in the import file by reviewing the File Fields table in Step 2: Create a File


Which test item will display on the FitnessGram Student Report if my students complete two tests for the same component (e.g., 20M PACER and One-Mile Run for aerobic capacity)?

FitnessGram Test Events provide achievement based on the health-related fitness component – not the test item. FitnessGram reports display only one test item per component.  If two test items for the same component are entered in a test event, the FitnessGram Student Report will automatically select one test item per component based on the reporting logic:

  • Student achieves the HFZ in one test and NIZ in the other – the passing test item will display
  • Student achieves the HFZ in both tests – the recommended test item will display (PACER, Push-Up, Back Saver Sit-and Reach, Body Fat Percentage)
  • Student achieves the NIZ in both tests – the recommended test item will display (PACER, Push-Up, Back Saver Sit-and Reach, Body Fat Percentage)

The test item that appears based on the above logic will be the only item reported for that component.

Refer to the FitnessGram Reference Guide for more information about recommended test items.

Why is aerobic capacity information hidden for students ages 5-9 even though they participated in an aerobic capacity test?

Aerobic capacity scores and feedback are not provided for students ages 5 through 9 years (K-3) because criterion standards are not available. For these younger students, the object of the test is simply to participate and begin learning how to take the test. Students who are 9 years old but in grade 4 can receive a score evaluated against the criterion standard for 10-year-old students; all 10-year-old students receive a score, regardless of grade level.

What message displays on the Student Report if the Print Body Composition checkbox is deselected?

Body composition will not display on the Student Report if the Print Body Composition checkbox is deselected in the FitnessGram Student Report filters.


“No data available” will appear if this checkbox has been deselected.


To view a sample of this report, click Menu and select Reports.


Select the FitnessGram Student Report to find a sample and learn when to use.




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